Cast, Crew & Reviews - Snow White 2006


Snow White - Caroline Rodgers

Dame Goodheart  -  Simon Vines

Queen Maligna  -  Jane Swale

Chuckles - Graham Burbridge

Alonzo - Gareth Heale

Prince Michael - Vicky Morris

Greensleeves  -  Chris Henley

Dandylion -  Phil Wright

Mirror - Duncan Tunbridge

Poppy  -  Neil Tunbridge

Itchy  -  Angie MacLean

Bitchy  -  Theresa Hallahan

Psycho -  Janet Hughes

Sweaty - Shirley Frost

Sleepy - Sue Faircloth

Bloated - Ros Tunbridge

Forgetful - Kate Nash

Chorus  - Jon Slade, Rosemary Stern, Keith Hughes, Sandra Hughes

Dancers - Meganne Frost & the Doris Holford Stage School (Principal: Ann Smith)


The Crew

Producer - Keith Hughes

Director  -  Nick Frost

Stage Manager  -  Bob Goddard

Musical Director  -  David Starbuck

Technical Director  -  Alistair Kennard

Assistant Stage Manager  - James Quinn

Lighting   -  Guy Randall, Sam Vincent

Sound - Paul Griffin, Simon Kennard

Sound Effects - John Mander

Backstage  -  Vince Quinn, Meganne Frost, Glynis Goddard

Props  -  Phil Wright

Set Building and Painting  -  Jacqueline DeReuck, Nicci Davidson and Members of the Cast

Costumes/Wardrobe  -  Barbara Dent, Carol Griffiths, Viv Tunbridge, Diana Quinn, Shirley Frost, Val Constable

Make-up  -  Members of the Pantoloons

Prompt  -  Hazel Mason

Band  - keyboard: David Starbuck,  drums: Desmond James,  guitar: Freddie Smith,  bass: Simon Kennard,

Box Office  -  Rick Roberts

Front of House  -  Rick Roberts and Phil Rathbone

Refreshments - Members of the Pantoloons

Photography/Video - Mike Pearce