Cast, Crew & Reviews - Puss in Boots 2004


Puss in Boots  -  Jane Swale

Blunderbore the Ogre - Graham Burbridge

Jill, a Village Girl - Vicky Morris

Colin  -  Angie MacLean

Jack, the Knave of Hearts - Andrew Mander

King Ferdinand - Tony Dent

Queen Gertrude (the Dame) - Nick Frost

Princess Isabel  -  Theresa Hallahan

Princess Rosalind - Kate Nash

Gilbert  -  Chris Henley

Filbert - Stuart Scott

Mr Tap the Teacher -  Phil Wright

Katranah, Queen of the Gypsies - Sheila Urbani

Cobbler - Chester Stern

Oswald the Ass  -  Ros & Neil Tunbridge

Woodcutter -  Keith Hughes

Village Children - Kate Nash, Nicki Parker, Glynis Goddard, Ros Tunbridge

Villagers/Peasants - Neil Tunbridge, Ros Tunbridge, Chester Stern, Rosemary Stern, Sheila Urbani

Ghosts - Glynis Goddard, Rosemary Stern, Shirley Frost, Meganne Frost, Sheila Urbani

Guards - Nicki Parker, Ros Tunbridge, Chester Stern, Phil Wright

Gypsies - Rosemary Stern, Shirley Frost, Meganne Frost, Chester Stern

Attendants - Keith Hughes, Glynis Goddard

Monkey - Meganne Frost

Lion - James Frost

Cupid - Neil Tunbridge

Old Father Time - Phil Wright

Dancers - The Italia Conti School of Dance


The Crew

Producer - Keith Hughes

Director  -  Janet Hughes

Stage Manager  -  Bob Goddard

Musical Director  -  Elize McBeath

Choreography - Karen Halliday

Lighting  -  Alistair Kennard

Sound - Simon Kennard

Sound Effects - John Mander

Prompt  -  Gwenda Morris

Backstage  -  James Quinn, James & Jonathan Frost

Props  -  Phil Wright

Set Building and Painting  -  Jacqueline De-Reuck and Members of the Cast

Costumes/Wardrobe  -  Barbara Dent, Carol Griffiths, Viv Tunbridge, Diana Quinn, Shirley Frost, Sue Faircloth

Make-up  -  Members of the Pantoloons

Band  - Elize McBeath, John Mander, Russell Parker

Box Office  -  Sarah Stone

Front of House  - Members of the Purley United Reformed Church

Refreshments - Members of the Purley United Reformed Church

Oswald's Head made by Jon Howell