Cast, Crew & Reviews - Dick Whittington...Goes West 2009


Dick Whittington - Rachel Tunbridge

Alice Fitzwarren -  Vicky Biggs

Sal - Simon Vines

Shaman Holmes  -  Rick Roberts

Chief Running Nose - Chris Henley

Minnie Ha Ha - Claire Kennard

Fairy of the Prairie  -  Theresa Hallahan

Desperate Danielle  -  Angie MacLean

Bad Rains - Andrew Mander

Silent Wind - Neil Frost

Cat - Paul Martindale

King Rattle  -  Simon Bucher-Jones

Hiss - Jane Swale

Slither - Madeline Reeve

Mayor Fitzwarren - Nick Frost

Fanny - Janet Hughes

Danny - Phil Wright

Annie - Margaret Bishop

Joe - Chris Bishop


Tex/Wild Bill - Jon Slade

Small Cowboy/1st Woodsman - Neil Tunbridge

Old Miner/2nd Woodsman - Rod Newman

Roxy - Louise Bishop

Old Timer 1/Chinese Chef - Glynis Goddard

Old Timer 2/Voice of the Sat Nav - Kate Nash

Messenger - Meganne Frost

Squaw - Shirley Frost

Squaw - Rosemary Stern

Chinese Chef - Felicity Nicholson

Piano Player - Tony Dent

Cameo role - Graeme Tunbridge

The Crew

Director  -  Ros Tunbridge

Musical Director  -  Robert Randall

Technical Director  -  Alistair Kennard

Stage Manager  -  Bob Goddard

Assistant Stage Manager  -  James Quinn

Backstage - Vince Quinn, Rita Ixer, Russell Ixer

Lighting & Sound  -  Alistair Kennard, Keith Hughes, Tom Jennings & Sam Vincent

Band  - keyboard: Robert Randall,  drums: Sam Vincent, bass: Simon Kennard,

Choreographer  -  Janet Hughes & Meganne Frost

Props  -  Phil Wright

Prompt  -  Hazel Mason

Box Office  -  Rick Roberts

Set Creation  -  Bob Goddard, Nick Frost, James Quinn, Rita Ixer, Russell Ixer, Glynis Goddard,  Neil Tunbridge

Wardrobe  -  Barbara Frost, Viv Tunbridge, Diana Quinn & Carol Griffiths

Make-up  -  Barbara Dent, Carol Griffiths, Nicci Mallett, Sheila Urbani & Lesley Robinson

Refreshments  -  Members of Purley United Reformed Church